Winter Semester 2020 //

Emmanule School II Mae Sot, Thailand - impromptu task

Emmanule School is, or was, a Migrant Learning Center, attended by children of various ethnic groups from Myanmar such as Karen, Mon, Shan, Kuchin and Burman. The school is located just south of the border town of Mae Sot in Thailand near the small village of Ban Pu Toe. The school recently had to “move” – the land previously used was reclaimed by the owner and had to be cleared. Some of the building materials could be recycled. Since the beginning of the move simple classrooms have been built from recycled materials. In addition, a toilet block, which, since the outbreak of Covid-19, does not meet the necessary standards. Thus, the school cannot be reopened for the time being.

In cooperation with the English organizations Acorn Overseas and the local organization Burma Migration Workers Education Committee (BMWEC), a new school campus is to be built. The new land has been purchased by an American organization and the school has a leasehold there for an indefinite period. Emmanule School is a school for Burmese migrants – the children come from different ethnic groups. There are 120 students registered for the upcoming academic year. The school offers grades 1 to 6 as well as a kindergarten and a nursery. As part of a student design task, many great ideas for the new campus of Emmanule School have emerged.