March 2019 //

Architecture Studio Gallery II Coburg, Germany


A growing number of architecture students required more studio space for individual work. A student project team, lead by Prof. Rainer Hirth, identified an opportunity in a leftover room with double height, originally dedicated to HVAC and a stair that never came. An impromptu design studio brought the right idea – a gallery in this area that could offer 42 additional studio spaces. The project team managed to get the all necessary approvements – even by the fire department. The work was mainly executed by the students during the semester break supported by a locksmith firm. The project was founded by the Bayerisches Baugewerbe.


It’s a kind of „freestanding table“ on six timber columns supporting a hybrid structure from I-beams and timber beams – a little bit „oversized“ to fulfill all requirements of fire resistance. The locksmith fixed the I- beams and columns – the remaining woodwork was mainly executed by the students of the project team. Fixing the glass handrails, mounting huge opac glass panes to a dividing wall, bookshelfs and customized studio storage furniture was also part of the project. In the end the chancellor payed for new tables and chairs for this area – now it’s a sufficient studio space for all students enrolled.